Draw Me A Bit of Extravagance, Please.

bath oils and brush

bath oils and brush

Have you ever heard of a bath concierge?

I was re-reading a November 2010 Palm Beach Illustrated article about The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, TN, and noticed the reference to the hotel’s bath concierge.

According to the article, a bath concierge is “on call to present you with an extensive selection of therapeutic bath salts and foaming bath oils,” or, “to draw your bath with rose petals, at your desired temperature.”

The services of a bath concierge as described in the article seem a bit extravagant, n’est pas?

According to Miriam-Webster online, the first definition of extravagance is “the quality or fact of being free or wasteful in the expenditure of money.” The second definition of the word is “an instance of spending money or resources without care or restraint.”

Extravagance.  What ideas first come to mind when you hear (or read) the word?  How does it make you feel?  I’d like to ask a few questions about the role that extravagance has played in your life to date:

How do define extravagance, and what are the extravagant things that you have experienced in life?

Do you think that extravagance and financial wealth are mutually exclusive terms or two things that must coexist?  

Do you think that extravagance and pretentiousness go hand-in-hand?

Do you think extravagance gets exacerbated in cloistered environments?

Can you experience extravagant moments while in the great outdoors?

Do you crave more extravagance in your life, or could you care less?

Have you ever created an extravagant experience for someone, and, if so, what was the experience like?

How many extravagant people have you personally known in your life, and were they forgettable or unforgettable?  Admirable or deplorable?

When I hear or read the words “extravagance” or “extravagant,” I’m generally amused rather than appalled.  Also, as a female, I certainly can’t ignore the plethora of marketing messages from retail marketers who often pitch their beauty products, jewelry, shoes and accessories as “extravagant” (ex. check out this Smoky Extravagant mascara and this Extravagant Berry lipstick).

And, speaking of…I have to admit, I’m a tanzanite fan, and I would have no problem slipping on these extravagant Tanzanite Heels by Stuart Weitzman.

What about you?  Does your extravagance shoe fit?

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