Are You Ready for a New Highway Overhead?'s Domicopter image’s Domicopter image

So, have you heard the news reports about the pizza delivery drone in the UK that can reportedly deliver two large pizzas within ten minutes in a four-mile radius?  If not, check out this video featuring the Domino’s DomiCopter.

What do you think about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)?  Have you formulated your “official opinion” on drone technology yet?

If not, you can check out numerous Web sites and online news features that tout the positive and negative applications of drones.  Here are some examples:

Sites that promote the positive aspect of drone technology:
Drones for Good – Google+
Privacy concerns shouldn’t ground journalism drones

Sites that promoting the negative aspect of drone technology:
A dangerous world of new drones
Domestic drones and their unique dangers
Privacy concerns soar as drones patrol U.S. skies

Or, maybe you’d like to explore drone technology on a more personal level?  If so, you can order yourself a toy drone or become a member of online community DIY Drones, “the leading community for Personal UAVs.”

A “drone” in nature can be defined as a bee or male wasp.  Without doubt, it seems that many individuals are abuzz about drones of the unmanned vehicle kind these days.  Even poets aren’t exempt from the drone topic.  For example, check out the satirical poem, “The Drone Poem.”

But, let me return to you and your opinions.  Would you like to see drones flying overhead in the U.S.?  Are you ready for a new overhead drone highway?  Last, what would your favorite application for a drone be?  (reminder:  no need to respond with the answer, “at-home pizza delivery.” Domino’s already has that one covered.)

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