June 2013 poolside photo, Cary, N.C.

June 2013 poolside photo, Cary, N.C.

Well, as Ella and Louis might have said, “it’s summertime.”

Listen to these sounds of summer.  Would you agree with me that there’s nothing quite like the voices of parents and their young kids poolside that mark the advent of the summer season?

What are your favorite summertime memories? And, what are the things that comprise your summertime hallmarks?  Grilling out?  Neighborhood porch parties, beach trips or dining al fresco, maybe?

Yesterday, I heard an old summertime carol that reminded me of my youth and made me know that, without doubt, summertime is upon us.

The young voice I heard yesterday sang out two words:  “Marco Polo.”  Instantly upon hearing the two words, I was transported back to the early 70’s and could see myself in the pool at the Country Club of Johnston County playing the what-is-still-enduring Marco Polo game.

Are you aware of the history of the Italian merchant Marco Polo?  It seems that Marco inspired another famous explorer Christopher Columbus.  For that reason, it’s not surprising and, actually, seems fitting that American kids in droves sing out the name of a famous Italian each summer.

I’ll conclude by sharing this poolside image, taken in Cary, North Carolina on what was a glorious, summer day today:
by the pool in Cary, N.C., June 2013.

by the pool in Cary, N.C., June 2013.

It’s summertime, for sure.  Are you a fan?

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