Watermelon Rinds and Other Delicacies

Watermelon rind pickles at The Silo Reastaurant, Greene, NY

Watermelon rind pickles at The Silo Reastaurant, Greene, NY

In a previous blog post, I asked, “Are You a Foodie?”

Now, I’d like to pose a new question:  Can you name an unusual food delicacy in your current locale?

Over this past weekend, I was reminded of a favorite Southern delicacy of mine, watermelon rind pickles, after randomly spotting a bottle of the pickles on the grocery store shelf.

I was first introduced to this southern favorite as a young child growing up in Smithfield, N.C., home of Ava Gardner and barbeque.

I recall first seeing the pickles displayed on the salad bar at Becky’s Log Cabin restaurant in the early ‘80s, and I recall initially disliking them.

Growing older, my tastes changed, and I grew to love watermelon rind pickles.  Even so, I only partake of watermelon rind pickles infrequently.  Though unusual and special, for me, watermelon rind pickles seem to be easy to forget.

It seems funny that we can forget our favorite things, doesn’t it?  But, isn’t it great to rediscover lost favorites?

Can you recall the last time you stumbled upon an item that you love but had forgotten?

And, which delicacies, food or otherwise, are unforgettable and forever emblazoned in your mind?

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