Paradors and B&B’s

Parador de Baiona, Spain

View from the Parador de Baiona, Spain

Are you familiar with the meaning of the word Parador?

According to Wikipedia, “a parador, in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, is a kind of luxury hotel, usually located in a historic building such as a monastery or castle.”

In May 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting a Parador.  The Parador I visited was located in Baiona, Spain, near Gondomar, the hometown of my husband’s father.

The Parador de Baiona was gorgeous to behold and is a unique Parador, being a former fortress that overlooks the sea.

The historic Parador buildings in Spain now converted into hotels made me recall our historic homes in the U.S. that have been converted into bed-and-breakfast establishments.

Have you ever stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in the U.S.?

If so, what advantages do you think bed-and-breakfast establishments have to offer?  And, do you have a favorite bed-and-breakfast to recommend?

I could recommend The Front Street Inn, a historic B&B located in one of my favorite places, downtown Wilmington, N.C.

But, can a B&B in the good ‘ole USA compare to a Spanish Parador?  I’d rather not compare but prefer to appreciate both.  I think I could make a better comparison if I had the chance to spend a night or two in a Parador.  I guess I need to add one more item to my bucket list.


  1. Javier Rodríguez says:

    Hi Ruth, this is Javier! I’ve never been in the U.S., you know… so neither I can tell about B&B… The Paradores are -generally speaking- magical places, with a rich history (of course, some more than others) I love this one: 😉 Greetings from Baiona!

    • Hi, Javier! Our B&B’s are nice, however I think the Paradors in Spain actually have the majority of them beat from a historical, magical place perspective. Thanks for the comment and for sharing the link!…Ruth

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