Bubble gum and Prosecco

Classic Bubblegum MachineWith all the talk of bubbles of the more negative type these days (i.e. housing market bubbles, stock market bubbles, etc.), let’s turn our focus to bubbles of a more positive nature.

Who could forget the magic soap bubbles of youth?  According to the soap bubble Wikipedia definition, soap bubbles have been enjoyed since at least the mid-18th century.

And, what about bubble baths?  Kids and adults aren’t immune to that joy.  How many of you ladies and gents have enjoyed a tube full of bubbles?  And, have you ever witnessed the bubbles generated from a bath bomb?

Then, there’s bubble gum.  Another kid favorite that many adults still enjoy.  Are you aware that, beyond popular favorites strawberry, grape, cherry and watermelon, bubble gum flavors include pineapple, peach and apple?

If asked about my favorite type of bubble, my answer would be singular yet threefold: champagne, cava and Prosecco.

All three of these sparkling wines display tiny bubbles when viewed in a glass.

Are you aware of the difference between champagne, cava and Prosecco?  Champagne is a sparkling wine specifically produced in the Champagne province of northwest France, and other sparkling wines, though identical in composition and structure, may not be referred to as “champagne,” unless those wines are made in Champagne, France.  Cava is the sparkling wine, champagne-equivalent made in Spain, and Prosecco is made in Italy and for many is enjoyed as a less-expensive substitute for champagne.

It’s fun to watch the tiny bubbles in a glass of champagne, cava or Prosecco after the cork has loudly popped and the bottle has met the glass.

What are your favorite memories of bubbles?  Tiny or large?





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