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What’s Haute Magazine image of Holst+Lee bracelet

A personal friend of mine is focused on the art of jewelry design.  Last week, she and her business partner received some fantastic recognition when their colorful Holst+Lee collection was featured in primetime on NBC’s TODAY morning show.

From a business perspective, I was excited to know that my friend’s jewelry line would be beamed into the homes of hundreds of thousands of TODAY show viewers — potential future customers.  However, what was more thrilling was the knowledge that her art, a reflection of her personal sources of inspiration, would be flying further in a way than ever before.

How?  After an artist like my friend originally creates the piece, the resulting work can continue to inspire others who witness the art.  In fact, art very often transcends the artist.

How does art personally touch your life?  Do you know many artists personally?  Or, are you more familiar with works of art than the creators themselves?

Listed below are three examples of “great works” of art:

  1. Beowulf the old English epic poem;
  2. Rhapsody in Blue – the 1924 musical composition; and
  3. The Taj Mahal – the marble mausoleum located in India.

Do you know who created each of these works?  If not, does that fact matter?

When it comes to art history, do you think that the artists or their works are most valuable?  Is there a clear winner when it comes to that question, or do you think it’s a tie situation?  Personally, I’m a fan of both.

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