Art and Its Magnetic Pull

Modern Art Magnet in Pudong district Shanghai, China

Modern Art Magnet in Pudong district Shanghai, China

A few recent hours spent walking through the galleries of the North Carolina Museum of Art allowed me to witness the artistic works of some of history’s most famed artists, including Rembrandt, Rodin, Audubon, and O’Keeffe.

One aspect of O’Keeffe’s Cebolla Church painting particularly caught my eye.  Like countless others who have viewed the painting, the mystery of “the thing in the window” captured me and really “drew me in.”

Landscape paintings can similarly tug at you.  During my museum visit, I personally witnessed another visitor stand in front of a landscape painting and almost exclaim:  “I love this kind of painting!  This is the kind that makes me feel like I want to jump into it!

What about you?  Have you ever wished for a Mary Poppins film “one, two, three”-like moment while viewing a landscape painting?  Can you recall a special painting that pulled you into its subject like a magnet?

Or, do you think another art form besides painting is the best form to act as a vessel to carry you back to a certain historical period or forward into your imagination and vision of things to come?  Do you prefer sculpture or music, maybe?

Art, in all of its forms, can move the human spirit.  But let us not forget those individuals who create the works.

If you were asked to draft a “Top 10” list of artists who have created works that have personally moved you, who would comprise your list?

When it comes to art and its impact on your life, which, if any, artists or works have changed you for the better or worse?

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