Jacks in Boxes, Surprises and You


image of Jack-in-the-box toy online at growingtreetoys.com

According to Dictionary.com, a surprise is “a completely unexpected occurrence.”

As a writer, I appreciate reading stories where the surprise factor is included.

Surprise endings to books, plays and movies often heighten their entertainment factor.  For example, check out this fun, “Top 15 Amazing Movie Endings” list to be reminded of movies with last moments that were, according to Listverse.com,  “simply astounding.”

Not every writer can successfully weave the surprise factor into a narrative.  However, it’s pretty safe to assume that all writers have successfully experienced real-life surprises.

In fact, it seems that all of us experience surprises starting at an early age.  I can still recall playing with a Jack-in-the-box as a child and being thrilled each time the jester popped out of the box and surprised me.

What about you?  How do you feel about surprises?  Do you enjoy being surprised, or are you uncomfortable with experiencing unforeseen moments?

Finally, what surprises, good and bad, have been the most memorable in your life so far?

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