When Social Gets Personal

Social Gets Personal GraphicEarlier this year, I wrote a blog post titled, “Team @BarbieStyle or Team @OfficialKen,” about my favorite social media marketing campaign of the year.

At this time, I’d like to clarify and state that Mattel’s Barbie and Ken campaign was, “my favorite social media marketing campaign designed and executed by others.”

I also want to mention two other 2011 social media marketing activities that were personal favorites and also creations of mine.

After volunteering 10 years with local chapters of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., I’m currently a Sustainer member of the Junior League of Raleigh (JLR).  Each year, JLR hosts the “A Shopping Spree!” local holiday shopping event, raising thousands of dollars to benefit local at-risk youth.

This year, I envisioned a social media video series to raise broader awareness of the 2011 “A Shopping Spree!” event and bring the event to life for those unable to attend.  I then engaged the JLR Active membership to make the event video series happen.  I even served as the on-air host for the 14 video episodes that were taped at the event.  Check out the new JLR YouTube Channel and the “Spotlight on the Spree!” Playlist.  You can also search Twitter using hashtag #JLRSPREE11 to see the related tweets.

And, speaking of Twitter, another favorite campaign was an online holiday challenge event campaign that I envisioned and then executed on Twitter.  I initiated a “25 Workouts to Christmas” campaign at the start of December with a tweet that challenged all of my Followers to join me in a challenge to complete 25 workouts by Christmas Day on December 25.  Search Twitter using hashtag  #25workouts2Xmas, if you’d like to see the related tweets.

Both of these 2011 social media efforts were meaningful to me.  It’s personally gratifying to know that the JLR YouTube Channel has received more than 1,300 video views since its debut in November.  Also, I’m pleased that I successfully completed my 25 workouts before December 25 and have helped to inspire others toward healthy behavior during the food-rich holiday season.

How many of you are personally engaged in social media marketing or social media channels?  How has your life changed since you have become personally involved in these new digital modes of communication?  Do you have new favorite ways to communicate with your family, friends and business associates?

How much more or less social have you become?  Are you leveraging these new communications channels to the benefit of yourself and others?

Is your personal digital voice being heard?

Team @BarbieStyle or Team @OfficialKen?

Malibu Barbie and KenEarlier this year, I penned a MySheCave.com post: “What’s in Your Favorites List?

When it comes to social media marketing, do you have a favorite campaign so far in 2011?

If asked the same question, I would respond with, “one of my favorite social media marketing campaigns in 2011 involved the reuniting of two of America’s sweethearts, Barbie (aka @BarbieStyle) and Ken (aka @OfficialKen).”

During 2011, the toy giant Mattel’s internal marketing staff partnered with Ketchum Public Relations to execute a fabulously fun and engaging integrated marketing campaign between mid-January and February 14 that contained multiple social components, including the use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts by the inanimate, non-real, non-human Barbie and Ken doll characters.

The campaign’s central messaging centered around the idea of the fictional Ken doll’s 2011 New Year’s resolution to win the fictional Barbie doll back, after having lost her love on Valentine’s Day in 2004.

Check out this YouTube video, which was a one of the social components of the campaign, and read the Mashable business article, “How Barbie & Ken Were Reunited by Social Media” to learn more.

The reason why this campaign makes my favorite social media marketing campaign list is because of the blatant statement the campaign sent to America about the significance of social media marketing today.

Let’s face it… if two of American children’s most beloved toys, the Barbie and Ken dolls, are involved in social media, then aren’t we all?

At the least, Mattel’s campaign revealed that social media channels are almost inescapable by our youth today.

So, what do you think about the impact of social media marketing on our society today?  And, if you had to pick a side, whose team would you join?  Team Barbie or Team Ken?

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