And The Most Dramatic Moment Goes To…

two movie passes

two movie passes

Today is Oscar Sunday – a day when members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences come together to recognize Hollywood movie actors for their acting merits and to celebrate all aspects of filmmaking.

Every year on this day, Hollywood’s spell seems to capture so many around the world, just like those poppies that Dorothy and her friends encountered in the much beloved American film, The Wizard of Oz.

What do you think about filmmaking?  Are you a fan of the movies?  If so, what genre do you prefer?  Action flicks, comedies or dramas?

It’s been said that the greatest dramas that the majority of us will face during our lifetimes are those surrounding these five events:

1-    Marriage;
2-    The birth of children;
3-    Life-threatening illness;
4-    Divorce; and
5-    Death.

Do you agree?  What have been the most dramatic, transformative moments in your life so far, and, where did those moments occur?  Did you experience drama in private or in public?  On the job or on a sports field?  Alone or accompanied by others?  In expected fashion or by surprise?  And, have the most dramatic moments of your life filled you with joy or angst?

One of the most dramatic moments of my life filled me with love.  I was not alone but was with two other people. I remember standing in the baptismal pool as a young girl and being dunked back into the water by my pastor who then lifted me back up out of the water.  I remember opening my eyes and meeting the tear-filled gaze of my mother, who stood just a few feet away, in front of me on the steps leading into the pool. No words were spoken between my mother and me in that most dramatic, moment – only love was shared, our love for each other and His love for us.

If it’s true that we’re limited to experiencing only three to four big dramas during one lifetime, then it’s no wonder why so many of us may turn to the movies or acting to experience a bit more.

I admit that I don’t mind a little drama in my life.  What about you?  Do you agree with me, or is your life filled with enough drama already?  Have you been humming Mary J’s tune, “No More Drama,” as you’ve been reading this post?

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