Happiness Mining Circa 1975

red gold miner's pick image (original image aurorahistoryboutique.com)

red gold miner’s pick (original image aurorahistoryboutique.com)

In a prior post, “What Kind of Model (Data) Are You?,” I referenced the business trends of data visualization and data mining, but, today, I want to discuss mining another kind – that is, happiness mining.

What is happiness mining?  I think happiness mining is the process by which you can uncover those people, places and things that bring joy into your life.

What tools and techniques can you use to mine for happiness?  Well, one tool that I use is music. I’ve mentioned before that I often listen to music to resurface positive personal memories and bring my inner self back “in tune.”

Using music to discover personal joy is a habit I began when I was very young.  My parents have a photo of me at approximately 3 years old holding the 45 record, “The Little White Duck,” which was one of my listening favorites.

As a young girl growing up in the 1970s, I had many musical friends beyond the little white duck. Today, I refer to those friends by first name, because their words and lyrics still bring me joy (click on each name to hear a specific song that brought me joy then and still brings me joy now):


In one of his famous songs, Neil Young sings about mining for a heart of gold.

What about you?  What joys are you mining for?  Listening to music is just one way to mine for happiness. I’d love to hear which tools you use to siphon out the golden bits of life that make you happiest.


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