Life Chances…Trick or Treat?

Pumpkin image

Pumpkin by the hearth

It’s fall and beautiful here in N.C., U.S.A.  Pumpkins and mums adorn entrances to homes, and it’s the season of pumpkin carving.

Do you have any experience with pumpkin carving?  I’m into my fourth decade now and have never carved a pumpkin unassisted.

My memories of my youthful attempts include the recollection of not carving the pumpkins quite right and of wishing for a second chance to perfect the pumpkins that I helped my Dad carve.

Wanting a second chance when a second chance cannot be had is a reality all too applicable to many facets of life, wouldn’t you agree?  Just for a moment, now, consider how many times in your life that you’ve wanted a “do over.”

Through his 40 Chances global organization and book, 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World, Howard G. Buffet (son of Warren E. Buffet) makes the suggestion that “each of us has about 40 chances to accomplish our goals in life.”  Would you agree?  How much time do you think you have to carve out fruitful paths in your life?  And, which years do you consider to be “prime time” in your life?

In a prior post, I referenced the Five for Fighting song, “100 Years.”  Each time I hear the lyrics of that song which include the statement, “I’m 45 for a moment,” I feel and consider the fleeting aspect of life.

Chance by definition is a random and fleeting occurrence.  And, as Sam Shepard’s character in the movie Fool for Love warned, time, like a pumpkin in Jack O’ Lantern disguise, can laugh at us and play tricks on us, seemingly stealing our moments and chances, as we are in the midst of living our days.

What about you?  Are you recognizing your chances and opportunities to take action to better yourself and those around you?

Finally, how many life treats do you plan to distribute as you greet your remaining days at the door?

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