Supreme Reflections

reflections in a pot image

reflections in a pot image

After watching Jay Baer’s live-streamed video remarks during the Content Marketing Institute’s recent CMWorld 2013 event, I’ve recently begun to read his book, “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype.

I’ve only reached page 12 in the first chapter of the book and have already learned many interesting facts, including this one that Baer attributes to The Nielsen Company’s blog post entitled, “Buzz in the Blogosphere: Millions More Bloggers and Blog Readers”:

  • “According to Nielsen’s NM Incite research, there were more than 173 million blogs in late 2011.”

173 million blogs?  I have to admit that the statistic leaves me wondering if my voice and humble blog contribution,, can break through the loud chorus that is blogspeak in today’s world.

However, like Baer might say, I think that a blog and its messaging can break through if the blog speaks to the needs of its readers and provides information that is helpful and useful to those readers.

I don’t think I’m meeting the “providing Youtility” threshold with every post, but I’m shooting in that direction.  With each post that I share, I try to educate, and, at a minimum, I hope that readers learn one fact that they didn’t know before reading.

Speaking of…did you know that yesterday was the autumnal equinox (first official day of fall) in the northern hemisphere?

Fall is often heralded as a season for reflection.  For some reason, when I first thought about the word reflection yesterday, in my mind’s ear, I could hear the Supremes singing their famous song that is titled, “Reflections.

What about you?  What do you think of when you consider the word, “reflection,” and, when was the last time that you reflected upon your life and current state of being?

Fall is synonymous with a busy time here in the U.S.  I hope that fall 2013 will allow you at least a few moments to reflect and hear the sounds of the things that bring you joy and enliven your soul  — those things that move your spirit in the most natural and effortless way, like the colorful leaves gently falling from the trees.

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