What Are Your Carrots?

yogaearth.com's carrots image

yogaearth.com’s carrots image

If you’ve ever visited a horse farm, then you’re probably aware that horses are often fed carrots as a special treat.

In fact, the tradition of feeding carrots to horses goes back quite a while.

According to the World Carrot Museum site, in 1787, George Washington wrote a letter to Benjamin Fitzhugh Grymes stating, “I am convinced in a proper Soil, the culture of Carrots will be advantageous for feeding the farm horses, and every species of Stock.”

Have you ever witnessed a horse owner use a carrot as an incentive?  Have you ever seen a horse be rewarded after completing a certain action with a carrot?  I have.

In the workplace arena, managers often struggle to know which factors or things will motivate their employees to achieve optimal performance.

Money (high base salary and opportunities for bonuses, etc.) is a major motivator for some employees (sales and business development staff, usually), while others may be more interested in gaining increased visibility and recognition within the organization.

Some employees find the specific projects which they are assigned motivational, while others are more motivated by the position titles that they hold than by the tasks that they complete.

What about you?  What are the things that motivate you, both professionally and personally, and give you a personal sense of fulfillment?  Money?  Material things?  Personal relationships or spiritual connections?

What are your carrots in this life?  And, more importantly, who is providing them?

Sometimes, it’s up to you to feed yourself.  And, doing so isn’t easy, if you aren’t aware of the things that bring you true joy and satisfy your soul’s appetite.

Don’t wait to find your joys.  As author Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in her book, Eat, Pray Love:  “You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.”

Go, and grab your carrots!

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