Remembering the Roses

multi-colored rose image via

multi-colored rose image via

Last weekend, Kentuckians and countless others around the world witnessed the run for the roses and Joel Rosario’s now-famous ride on Orb to win the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

This weekend, and, especially today, is a time to stop and remember the roses in our lives.

Which roses?

I’m referring to those who have cradled us, guided us, scolded us, pulled for us, and, above all, loved us during our lifetimes – our mothers, of course.

Do you have a mother or mother-in-law alive or deceased who you are thankful for today?

Are you a mother yourself who has been blessed by the experience of giving birth or adopting a child?  Or, are you someone who is childless but who gives someone or some specific cause your utmost care and concern that is equivalent to a mother’s touch and affection?

If you’ve ever tended to a rose garden, then you’re aware that mothering is not always an easy task.  Growing roses require continual care and maintenance that often varies, depending on the variety of rose involved.  Similarly, growing children require continual care, guidance and supervision that will often vary, depending on the particular needs of the individual child involved.  Like roses, no two children are alike, so, when it comes to the mothering of children, the “how-to” rules aren’t often clear.

Without doubt, the fragrance of a rose is most distinctive.  Do you think the same can be said a mother’s love?  I think many would say so.  Consider this Pinterest board entitled, “There is Nothing Like a Mother’s Love,” for example.

On a personal note, today I’m thankful for my mother-in-law, a beautiful rose of a woman of the Spanish variety, and my mother, who is not only a beautiful rose but is also a beautiful Pansy.

Who are the roses filling the garden of your thoughts today?

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