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  1. I haven’t thought of podcasts in years. The 800 lb gorilla is and has been YouTube and video during the past 3 years. To me, audio-only content immediately seems less interesting than video content. Sure, there’s lots of boring video out there, but finding good video content is a LOT easier than finding good podcasts.

    I think technology has always gotten in the way of podcasts. I’m not sure the general population know how to find or download podcasts — whether it’s through iTunes or from their RSS feed reader. Google Reader being abandoned by Google doesn’t help the RSS cause. Now some consider simple audio files as “podcasts”, something that was available in the 1990s with WAV audio files. But podcasts should be linked attachments within an RSS feed.

    I’d like to know when people actually listen to podcasts. Do they listen to them at work when they are working? Do they listen to them during their drive-time in their cars or mass transit? Maybe, but they would have needed to solve the technology issues to do this. Do they listen to them at home? I have a hard time imagining people sitting at home doing nothing and listening to a podcast. I can much easier see people watching videos on YouTube. My daughter does it every single night. I probably watch 5-15 videos a day on YouTube.

    I’m sure there are many who regularly listen to podcasts, but I don’t think it’s a very small niche market.

    Just ramblin’…

    • Thanks for ramblin’, Brendan. Re your question about where folks listen to podcasts, I do know some individuals who listen to them while running or walking. I agree with you that video seems to be overshading audio right now. Have you checked out Audioboo?

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