Cajun Shrimp and Other Names

What do you think of when you hear the words, “Cajun Shrimp?”

Cha-Ching Cherry OPI nail polish image

Cha-Ching Cherry OPI nail polish image

A recipe, maybe?  Cajun shrimp and grits, perhaps?

What about nail polish?

Come on…haven’t you heard?

Obviously, you gents are excused, but, ladies, surely some of you must have thought of OPI’s Cajun Shrimp polish upon considering the question?

Oscar night has inspired this tongue-in-cheek post today, so I have to ask a follow-up, related question:  Have you ever considered the science of nail polish naming?

I’m actually not sure if naming nail polish constitutes a science, per se, but, as a marketer who happens to be a female, I’ve always thought the job of creating creative taglines or branding for an individual nail polish color would be a cool job.

For example, consider these five nail polish names:

  1. Henna-Thing Is Possible
  2. Did Someone Say Party?
  3. Don’t Wine…Yukon Do It
  4. Cha-Ching Cherry 
  5. Pink Before You Speak

Come on, my fellow marketers, wouldn’t it be at the least non-boring to devise similar examples of turn of phrase as an assigned marketing task?

Whether you are a marketer or not, if you were asked today to name the color of a nail polish that might adorn the nails of women worldwide, what would the moniker be?

Consider all of the happenings in the world today. Consider the global economic climate. Then consider all of those unpolished nails.

Again, what are your naming ideas?  What are your suggestions?

Too Much,” maybe?

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