The Ultimate Content King

Crown of Righteousness image

Crown of Righteousness image

Content is king.”

If you’re a digital marketer today, no doubt you’ve heard the above statement uttered countless times during 2012.

For marketers, this year has been a year of clear focus on digital content creation.  Just today, for example, I read a Twitter tweet touting “8 Ideas for Creating Content.”

If you’re a marketer, how do you feel about the task of content creation?  Do you think that the task is brand new, or do you think that the task of content creation is actually a repeat of the news gathering techniques of days gone by?

Do you think that the term, “content creation,” is a modern buzzword for an older marketing or journalistic technique, or do you think the term represents a new marketing task or function?

It’s Christmastime, and, as a marketer who is also a Christian, I want to turn the focus of this post away from the idea that content is king.

Rather, I’d like to promote the idea that Jesus is king when it comes to the content of our lives.

King of kings,” in fact.

May His peace be with all of you who read this post.


  1. Bravo, Ruth!!!
    Jesus is KING and Lord of Lords!!
    Thank you for spreading His story!!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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