How Memorable is Your Memory?

String Around Finger When was the last time that you gave thought to the things that you’ve committed to memory?

Often the facts that we commit to memory serve to protect us.  A red light means stop.  A green light means go.  Don’t touch a hot stove.

Many times we remember facts for fun (you can’t win a poker game if you don’t know the rules, right?).

Some memories serve as teachers.  We sometimes recall factual situations that we don’t wish to repeat in the future.  Lessons learned, so to speak.

And, then, there are those memories that sustain us.  For example, how many soldiers at war have held on to the memories of loved ones as incentive to keep on fighting until the day that they’re able to return home?

Some have said that the ability to imagine is a gift.  What do you think about the ability to remember?  Do you consider memory to be a blessing?

And, how would you categorize your memories, if asked?  Which are your favorite memories?

Call me a romantic, but the memories that I cherish the most are those that I’ve shared with loved ones.

The Bacon Brothers speak to the desire to remember the one you love in their beautiful song, Memorize.

Listen as they sing, “let me memorize you,” and the rest of the lyrics.  Maybe their tune will be one that you won’t forget.

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