Taking Stock of Your Personal Shares

Share word image by HubSpo

Share word image by HubSpot

As a digital marketer, when I hear the word, “share,” my mind often goes first to the concept of “social sharing,” i.e., the idea of sharing marketing messages via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

However, I also enjoy following business and financial news, so my thoughts often head in a financial direction, specifically towards the U.S. stock market, upon hearing the word, “share.”

For example, my ears perked up on Friday (10/26/12) after hearing the latest news about shares of Apple stock.  Apple shares were down 1.9% and fell below $600 for the first time in three months, after Apple’s warning that its costs for making new products will likely cut into its profits in fourth quarter 2012.

What about you?  Do you pay attention to financial news and reports about U.S. or international shares of stock?  If so, which financial news channels do you visit to learn the latest news on the financial front?

If you visit Google, you can easily find consolidated lists of financial news sites, such as this list of
10 Financial Websites That Help You Stay On Top of the Market.”

I’d like to mention a fairly new online community that’s dedicated to educating women on financial issues and helping women better manage and build their personal net worth.  In 2009, young entrepreneur Amanda Steinberg, founded the DailyWorth community, and the community’s DailyWorth e-newsletter now has more than 20,000 subscribers.

I enjoy reading the easy-to-understand, valuable financial tips that are shared in each DailyWorth
e-newsletter issue that I receive, and I’ve even had the pleasure to speak with Amanda directly, after she invited subscribers like me to call her and share feedback and ideas for inclusion in future e-newsletter issues.  As a woman in business, I admire and appreciate Amanda’s open leadership style.

Back to sharing, the Wikipedia definition of the word, “sharing,” includes this statement: “Sharing is a basic component of human interaction, and is responsible for strengthening social ties and ensuring a person’s well-being.”

How often do you share in your life? What do you share and through which channels?


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