Finding Favor in Fear

Wikipedia shark image

Wikipedia shark image

Psychologists often advise individuals who are suffering from phobias to confront and embrace their fears in order to overcome them.

Have you ever followed that advice?  When was the last time you confronted something that you fear?

Ever since watching the 1975 movie, Jaws, I’ve maintained a fear of sharks.  Besides trying grilled shark meat at a restaurant once, I admit that I haven’t taken too many steps to get “up close and personal” with any sharks.

National and local news coverage of shark attacks hasn’t helped assuage my shark fears, but one recent bit of shark-related news has helped me to appreciate sharks more. Have you heard of Sharklet Technologies?

The company produces a surface that is inhospitable to the powerful bacteria that are resistant to many of our drugs today.  The surface is called Sharklet™ and is “comprised of millions of tiny diamonds arranged in a distinct pattern that mimics the microbe-resistant properties of sharkskin.”

Sharklet, patterned after sharkskin, is being added to hospitals, childcare centers, daycare centers, public bathroom and fitness facilities to make them less bacteria prone and safer.  Check out this video on Sharklet Surfaces to learn more.

After hearing the news about Sharklet surfaces, I appreciate sharks more, but I still wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of the fish.

What about you?  When was the last time you tried to discover something good in an object of your fear?

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