Finding Career Inspiration in a Nutshell's image of mixed nuts’s image of mixed nuts

If you’ve already read Daniel H. Pink’s book, Drive, then you’re probably aware of his career advice to deemphasize focus on finding passion in your work and focus more on “doing” your work.

Do you agree with Pink’s advice when it comes to finding passion in your work?

Have you given up the drive (pun intended) to find passion in your career endeavors, or, are you still seeking assignments that light a personal flame within?

After working in marketing for almost 20 years, I’m still excited about the business function of marketing and am still finding excitement and passion in my work.  I tend to agree less with Pink on the topic and more with Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said, “Nothing great can be accomplished without enthusiasm.”

Sometimes you can rediscover and stoke the flame of career passion by listening to the inspirational words of team members and industry colleagues.  Just today, for example, my excitement and passion for social media marketing was flamed by a self-proclaimed nut – a social media nut, that is!

To whom am I referring?  Pam Moore is the woman who refers to herself as a “100% social nut.”

After watching Pam’s concise and engaging TweetChat video tutorial I was reinvigorated about using new social media tools, like TweetChat, and participating in new digital marketing channels.

What about you?  When was the last time someone inspired you about your job and specific career participation?  Who was that person, and did you thank them?

This post serves as my thank you to @PamMktgNut.


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