Firelight and You

Majorettes with flaming batons

Majorettes with flaming batons

Today, the Olympic torch relay began its final leg before the 2012 Summer Olympic Games officially begin in London on July 27.

The torch will be used to light the Olympic Flame, an inspirational symbol of the Games, which will burn until the Olympics conclude on August 12.

Fire and fiery flames are often associated with danger and negativity (ex. the recent, devastating Colorado wildfires), so it’s interesting to consider all of the positive spirit associated with the Olympic torch and flame.

Beyond the Olympic torch or a romantic fireplace with flames providing warmth on a cold winter’s day, are you aware of other instances when fire is viewed or used in positive ways?  I can think of a couple of examples.

As a young girl, I remember watching majorettes in the local high school band twirling their flaming batons.  I can recall how excited and amazed I was to watch each majorette throw her flaming baton in the air, twirl around, and then successfully catch the baton.

And, who could forget all the lighters aflame at the end of rock concerts, when the attendees light portable flames to signal their appreciation and want of more to the performing artists?

Some people propose that an individual can have “a fire within.”  Would you agree?

Do you think that people can be lights to inspire others?  Has anyone ever lit a fire within you and inspired you to be and achieve more?

Which individuals or what things have been the firelight in your life so far?


  1. Just visited Squaw Valley, CA…home of the 1960 winter olympics…the torch is still ablaze!

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