Read East, Young Man!

Go East graphicThe first day of summer, or Summer Solstice, was Wednesday, June 20, 2012, so, summer is officially underway here in the U.S.

Each year with its arrival, summer brings the return of fun rituals, such as catching rays at the local pool, making road trips to beaches, attending outdoor parties and picnics and, of course, participating in the major U.S. summer holiday celebration, the Fourth of July.

Another summertime ritual is the promotion of summertime reading lists by countless U.S. online and print publications — the idea being that summer, a time when a majority of Americans take vacations, is an opportune time for individuals to slow down, relax and read.

Have you established your 2012 summertime reading list yet?

If not, I’d like to remind you of the fact that you’re now living in what many are referring to as “the Asian Century” and suggest two books for your summer reading that will specifically enhance your knowledge regarding China as a player in the evolving global economy:

  • Winner Takes All – this book centers around the commodity dynamics that the world will be facing in the near future and highlights China’s current resource campaign to secure hard and soft commodities, a campaign that will have multiple global implications.
  • What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer – this book sheds light on the worldview that is driving Chinese businesses and consumers.

If you would prefer to read a book about modern day China that is a little “lighter,” I would suggest a book that I already own:

To conclude, when it comes to expanding your reading horizons this summer, my advice is opposite from Horace Greeley’s advice and is, instead, “Go East, young man.

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