Unconventional Pink and Greens

Ping Bubba Driver US Presswire image

Ping's Bubba Driver

Do you consider yourself to be a person who generally appreciates social conventions, or do you enjoy instances when the social norm, unlike 007’s favorite martini, gets shaken and stirred?

If you are one of the latter set, when do you think it’s most advantageous to exhibit an nonconventional approach?  During competitive times?  During warfare, maybe?

At the start of 2012, one professional golfer joined countless other men who have in recent years bucked a long-held, Western social and fashion norm that “real men don’t wear pink.”

This particular golfer has not only worn pink-accented golf attire, but, in January of this year, he went so far as to literally bring the color of pink into the game, when he began using a new pink-headed driver.

Say what you’d like about the importance of sticking to tradition, but, today, at least in the world of golf, the gods seemed to smiling on one of the norm-breakers.

The professional golfer with the pink driver is named Bubba Watson.  And, after winning the 2012 Masters Tournament today using his pink-headed driver, he’s now one of the prestigious few golfers who are able to don one of the game’s most traditional green jackets.

Forget about real men not wearing pink.  At least when it comes to the game of golf, champions of men can wear pink and green.

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