Making Sense Out of Your Year

Lost-and-Found SignAt year’s end, so many of us are looking ahead, contemplating new resolutions and goals.  Just as many of us, however, may be reflecting on time and opportunities that have passed.

How about you?  How are you approaching this year’s end?  Are you thinking about all that you will strive to accomplish in 2012?  Are you setting new resolutions or new goals for the coming year?

Or, are the finish lines and personal goals that you have previously established but have yet to reach giving you the most reason for pause and consideration on this last day of 2011?

If you are part of the latter group, I’d like to share this YouTube video clip from the 1995 movie, Sense and Sensibility, based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name.  In the clip, you will see the character Colonel Brandon reading aloud lines from Spenser’s Faerie Queene to the character Marianne, and, at second 13 of the clip, you will hear:

“For there is nothing lost, but may be found, if sought…”

Consider those words and the implied directive to rethink those goals that you may have already deemed lost or unachievable.

For example, could you achieve your unattained past goals through different means or action? Could you adjust your prior goals, so that those goals could be partially, if not wholly, achieved?

There are Buddhist philosophers who subscribe to the belief that we die to each moment and that time experienced is forever lost to us.

Au contraire, I’m including the line from Spenser in this final 2011 blog post to remind each of you that you still have time to reexamine all new avenues for personal success, even amongst your previously traveled roads.

Cheers to you and all of the success that you find in the New Year 2012!

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