Cleopatra and the global mobile world

Cleopatra PaintingAdornment.  When you hear this word, what images come to your mind?

According to Wikipedia, an adornment is “generally an accessory or ornament worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer…usually colourful, and worn to attract attention.”

Throughout history, there are plenty of examples of individuals who have adorned themselves – from Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her earrings, to the Kayan women with their neck rings, to military leaders with their medals and to popes with their robes and Iron Crosses.

What about modern adornments?  What examples would you give?  Earrings, rings, bracelets, scarves, tattoos, maybe?

Considering the latest global mobile statistics, one could argue that mobile devices, besides being productivity tools, are becoming the most prevalent modern adornment for millions of individuals worldwide.

And mobile devices are adornments that can be further adorned.  For example, popular mobile applications such as Pandora or Angry Birds serve to embellish mobile devices.  And don’t forget about the plethora of opportunities to enclose your mobile device with bling.

As more and more mobile devices penetrate modern society, chances are that mobile devices, regardless of apps installed or fancy wrappers, will lose their characteristic of adornment.  Owning a smartphone or tablet device will be commonplace and will not enhance the status of the owner.

When we reach the complete saturation point in terms of mobile device adoption in the global society, can you imagine future adornments that will replace mobile devices?

What about using your words, ideas and actions to distinguish and adorn yourself?

And, why not start now?

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